Vanguard Wins 3 SGIA 2018 Product of the Year Awards! VK300D Awarded Best Flatbed Printer 3 Years in a Row.

  • MultiCam 1000 Series

    Image of 1000 Series

    With the 1000 Series CNC router, you get a lightweight, compact working area that works perfect for cuts that require lower cutting speeds.

    MultiCam’s spent more than 15 years fine-tuning the operation of this CNC router. With the 1000 Series, you get more standard features than any other competing option. At a maximum cutting speed of up to 550 IPM, you’ll get a nice fine finish for low-speed cutting applications.

    Of all our CNC routers, it also has the lowest rapid traverse speed by far, coming in at 850 IPM.The fine-cutting capability of the 1000 Series makes it useful in a number of situations, which include 3-D carving, aluminum fabrication, sign-making, and marine fabrication. And it’s perfect for cutting wood, plastics, non-ferrous metal, and composite metal. With a repeatability of 1/1000th of an inch, you get a consistently excellent cut. A strong durable steel frame gives you long product life and eliminates vibration, which gives you a smooth cut every time. Precision datums further enhance the accuracy of each cut you make.

    An included productivity software suite means that no matter the size or scope of your project, you always get it done quickly and efficiently. In addition, with automatic calibration, you’re ready to cut almost immediately. Finally, the Gantry tube was made from aircraft-quality aluminum extrusion, which minimizes chip contamination and swarf.


    MultiCam EZ Control®
    Solid-steel frame with precision datums
    High-frequency 4-HP spindle
    12 MB memory with unlimited file-size transfers
    Automatic tool calibration
    High-speed three-axis motion controller
    Precision dual X-axis drives
    Cast dust collector shroud/pressure foot
    Productivity Software Suite
  • MultiCam 5000 Series

    Image of 5000 Series

    The 5000 Series Router Gantry System is the popular choice for medium to large shops that require Large Work Areas / Large CNC Routing Platforms in industry, (Job Shops, Structural Sign Shops, Boat Builders, Shipyards, Service Centers, Recreational Vehicle & Trailer Manufactures, etc).

    The 5000 Series can be custom manufactured to meet your specific processing requirements – We can build an 80 foot long table with two (2) Gantries, Six Spindles, a Marking Device, Rotary Table and a Custom Paint Scheme?

    Spindle Range (HP):5.5HP, 8.5HP, 13.3HP, 16HP to 20HP Spindles w/ drill & tap options
    Table Sizes:(50in x 50in) to (120in x 720in)
    Motion:Precision Planetary Gear Boxes / Digital Servo Drives / AC Brushless Motors/25mm Linear Rails / Helical Rack & Pinion
    Rapid Traverse:up to 2,700 IPM
    Cut Speeds:up to 1,800 IPM (depending on processing methods & materials)
    Repeatability:+/- 0.001”
  • MultiCam Apex 3R Digital Router

    Image of Apex 3R Digital Router

    MultiCam’s APEX3r CNC router is a next generation machine loaded with standard features normally associated with more expensive machines. The automatic tool changer gives the user maximum machining flexibility, and the all-steel tube frame, moving gantry design allows for machining of large parts while maintaining a small, space saving footprint.

    Designed for a wide range of applications, the APEX3r is the perfect solution for companies looking for both value and high performance in a CNC Router.

    The APEX3R Router makes it easy for you to get the most out of your machine


    MultiCam EZ Control handheld operator interface

    EZ Suite Software

    Heavy, all-steel tube frame construction

    25mm linear ball bearing profile rails for maximum stiffness

    High Speed 3-axis Motion Control

    12 Megabytes of Memory with unlimited file size transfer capabilities

    Brushless 3 phase servo motors coupled with digital AC servo drives

    Automatic Tool Calibration

  • MultiCam Digital Express

    Image of Digital Express

    MultiCam Digital Express combines high-speed digital registration with powerful routing and knife cutting capabilities in a fast, wide-format sheet fed cutting platform. The Digital Express can also be ordered with an optional conveyor system for rolled materials and jobs longer than the table. The conveyor system belt serves as a vacuum cutting surface and automatically advances the material. Material can be continuously retrieved from a roll or sheets can be automatically fed.

    Companies that are looking for a platform that can register, route, and knife-cut at high speeds will appreciate the affordable price point of the MultiCam Digital Express

    Standard features include:

    All steel, stress relieved and precision machined base frame

    60” X 120” and 2M X 3M vacuum tables standard

    7,000 IPM rapid traverse

    2” (50mm) cut capacity with all tools

    Teknic digital AC servo drives for high-speed/high-acceleration cutting

    3 HP, 4 HP or 5.5 HP, high-speed routing spindless

    Automatic tool and knife changing systems

    Push button release, manual quick changing of tools

    All heads driven by independent Z axis servo for fast changeover between machining operations

  • MultiCam Graph-X-Cutter

    Image of Graph-X-Cutter

    The MultiCam Graph-X Cutter is an extremely flexible high-speed CNC knife cutter and finishing system. It combines digital registration with powerful routing and knife-cutting capabilities in a wide-format, sheet-feed cutting platform. Companies looking for a versatile machine that can register, route and knife cut at high speeds will appreciate the affordable price point of the Graph-X Cutter.

    The Graph-X Cutter has a maximum cutting speed of 1000 IPM and a rapid traverse of 2100 IPM. An integrated phenolic vacuum table is standard, and the optional MultiVision digital registration systemauto-corrects image skew and drift.

    Graph-X Cutter Standard Features:

    No other CNC knife cutter and digital finishing system in its class offers more standard features than the innovative and versatile MultiCam Graph-X Cutter.

    EZ Control with user-friendly operator interface

    Custom-engineered extruded aluminum frame

    Integrated V-cam roller bearings

    High-flow vacuum table

    2″ (50-mm) cut capacity with all tools

    Digital ac servo drives on all axes

    2100-IPM rapid traverse

    Two independent Z-axis heads

    Router Spindle

    The Graph-X Cutter standard spindle is rated at 4 hp, 23,000 rpm and utilizes an ER-11 collet with a tool diameter capacity of up to 1⁄4″ (6 mm).
  • MultiCam Magnus CO2

    Image of Magnus CO2

    Equipped with an impressive list of standard features and a host of available options, the Magnus CO2 Laser can cut or engrave for nearly any application. Not only is the Magnus CO2 Laser one of the best selling Laser CNC systems on the market, it is also one of the fastest engraving systems too. When equipped with engraving accessories, the Magnus is capable of quickly and efficiently processing large areas at a resolution equivalent to printing.

    By combining prominent engineering developments and the latest in Laser technologies the Magnus Laser can produce quality finishes on a vast amount of materials and a variety of applications. Since the Laser system performs at such a high-degree of precision compared to other cutting alternatives, it allows you to save up to 40% in material usage by reducing the space in-between cut parts.

    Laser cutting also delivers a much cleaner operation since it does not produce chips, sawdust, or debris. Due to its non-contact, cutting and engraving techniques, regular replacement of consumables usually associated with other cutting alternatives are drastically reduced. The Magnus can even cut square corners without leaving a radius common to routers and also drastically reduces the need to flame polish or run a secondary operation to finish cut pieces.


    Sealed Metal Tube Laser (Laser Options: 170W, 250W, 450W, & 1100W)

    Standard Table Configuration (Down draft fume evacuation)

    Solid Steel Construction

    Adjustable Slat Table (1.5”/35mm centers)

    Remote Pendant (Full machine control around the Laser System)

    Adjustable Table Surface (.5”/12mm increments)

    Precision Motion (Precision-grade rack and pinion drive system)

    High Precision Servo Drives (Provides Faster Servo update rates and seamless motion at high speeds)

    Hydraulic Lift Table (Quick and easy table adjustment for heavy and over-sized object positioning)

  • MultiCam V-Series CNC WaterJet

    Image of V-Series CNC WaterJet

    The MultiCam V-Series CNC WaterJet (Value-Series) is a smart CNC investment that’s easy on the budget. We designed this pure water or abrasive cutting system to make high performance, versatility, and productivity affordable. Enclosed bellows protect Y and Z axes from abrasive garnet build up. X-axis dual drives and covered custom aluminum extrusions keep all precision bearing surfaces clean during the cutting process. This machine is great for productions on a budget because it still offers quality cuts and customer support.

    V-Series CNC Waterjet Standard Features

    Z-Axis Clearance: 6″

    Z-Axis Travel: 6″

    Repeatability: ± 0.001″

    Cutting Speed: 600 IPM

    Rapid Traverse: 1000 IPM

    Drive System X and Y Axes: Rack and Pinion

    Z Axis: Lead Screw

    Standard Work Surface: Steel Slat

    Weight: 3700 Pounds Empty; 11,000 Pounds With Water

MultiCam Router Solutions :
  • 1000
  • 5000
  • Apex 3R Digital Router
  • Digital Express
  • Graph-X-Cutter
  • Magnus CO2
  • V- CNC WaterJet
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