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MultiCam 2000 Series Laser – (100, 200, 400 & 600 Watt Resonators)

The MultiCam 2000 Series Laser cuts with a 0.0004” beam of light and is the latest in technology specifically designed for the sign, architectural and sheet metal markets. Like other MultiCam technologies the 2000 Series Laser takes advantage of the EZ Control System and is the affordable laser system for those that cut a wide variety of materials, (including: acrylics, plastics, wood & light gauge metals) without the high capital investment that most other laser systems require.

  • Able to raster engrave (etch) and vector cut all in one processing program.
  • Graphic images area easily raster engraved, etch on carbon steel, stainless Steel, wood, marble and granite.
  • Both cuts and polishes the edge of Acrylic in the same processing pass eliminating secondary operations and saving valuable production time.
  • Able to cut Stainless Steel up to 5/32” & Carbon Steel up to 5/16” thick.
  • Wood products can be easily cut with small kerf allow for limitless possibilities – inlaying and small detailed parts.

MultiCam 2000 Series Laser Specifications:  • Table Sizes:
  • Laser (resonators):
  • Rapid Traverse Speeds:
  • Raster Engraving Speeds:
  • Repeatability:

(60in x 50in) to (80in x 241in)
100 Watt – Coherent CO2 Laser / 200 & 400 Watt – Synrad CO2 Laser / 600 & 1000 Watt – Rofin CO2 Laser
up to 2,500 IPM
up to 2,500 IPM (depending on processing methods & materials)
+/- 0.001”