Vanguard Wins 3 SGIA 2018 Product of the Year Awards! VK300D Awarded Best Flatbed Printer 3 Years in a Row.

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Dust Collection

FX Series dust collectors feature an expandable design, typically with a fan or blower(s) and a filter bag/discharge point plenum. The size of the discharge plenum is determined by a given design volume of airflow and the waste volumetric requirements of the application. The leg assemblies can be bolted onto the unit, either on the end, or at the mid span of the dust collector. To reduce
shipping costs, the system can be stacked on a single, smaller skid as opposed to shipping a 14-foot long machine. The FX Series is easy to expand as well: Simply add an additional blower and filters to the system. In today’s work cell manufacturing environment, this design can conserve energy by allowing a shop owner to run only a portion of the dust extraction as opposed to a large 50+ Horsepower system to service only a fraction of the shop’s overall requirement. In addition, the factory and regional master distributors stocking the standard components will be able to drastically reduce lead-time for a custom dust collector. The design promotes customized machinery from off-the-shelf components.