Vanguard Wins 3 SGIA 2018 Product of the Year Awards! VK300D Awarded Best Flatbed Printer 3 Years in a Row.

  • Image of VKR 3200 ROLL-TO-ROLL UV LED


    The NEW Vanguard Digital Printing System VKR32003.2 meter (126”) roll-to-roll LED UV printer is the fastest highquality printer in its class. It was designed specifically forshops needing to UV print high volumes of flexible mediasuch as wallpaper, static cling, PVC banner, mesh banner,paper roll stock, and much more. With speeds in excess of1,000 sq.ft/hr., you won’t find any competitive printer withthese impressive capabilities for under $175K.

    The VKR3200 utilizes the industrial Kyocera KJ4A printhead. The KJ4A is a two-channel printhead design that supportstwo colors at a time. The small 4, 8, 12 picoliter drop sizeensures tight dot placement for a vividly printed output. TheKJ4A also boasts a native 600 dpi within an impressive 2,656 nozzles.

    As with all Vanguard Digital printers, the VKR3200 is fieldexpandable to increase productivity by simply adding additional printheads. If your business calls for dedicated UV roll-to-rollcapability the VKR3200 speed, quality and price point can’tbe beat!

  • Image of VT 3200 Fabric Dye Sub Printer
  • Vanguard VK300D 5×10 Flatbed Printer

    Image of Vanguard VK300D 5x10 Flatbed Printer

    The VK300D is HANDS DOWN! the fastest, most reliable 5′ x 10′ flatbed printer on the market – and ACS offers it at a price that won’t break the bank!

    If you own a sign shop, commercial printing business, manufacturing company, architectural firm or any other company where performance and quality are a necessity, the VK300D is the perfect printer for you! With a configurable carriage design scalable from 2 to 10 printheads, you can start at the production speeds you need and easily add printheads as your demand grows. All without the headaches of having to replace a printer you have outgrown with another solution. More importantly, adding more printheads doesn’t bust the budget like a new printer would.With just 2 color printheads you can print 15 boards an hour in production mode. Add 2 more and reach 25 boards an hour; 4 more will get you 40 boards per hour at a quality that will satisfy the most demanding customer.

    The VK300D also comes with the most intuitive control software on the market.



    The Vanguard Digital Printing Systems new VSP1400 is taking the industry by storm. A UV Digital printer that is blazingly fast and delivers exceptional quality that has never been achieved…until now! With 4 different color banks consisting of 18 print heads per bank, full 4’ x 8’ boards sail through the printer at 23,040 sq.ft/hr. in express mode and 19,320 in production mode.

    With the Available feeder and Stacker your team can run a job that would usually take 5 days on a traditional multi-pass printer and have it complete in under 4 hours. This changes the printing game. To be more competitive and deliver large production jobs the same or next day will amaze your customers and increase your profits.

    • Dimensions: 15'3"L x 8'6"W x 8'6"H
    • Ink & Configuration: CMYK | UV Curable
    • Print Head: Konica Minolta 1024i
    • Max. Printing Width: 49"
    • Max. Printing Speed: 23,040 sq.ft./hr.
    • Max. Printing Resolution: 720 x 720 DPI
    • Max. Media Thickness: 1.5 inches
    • Printable Media: Traditional signage substrates
    • Curing Method: LED
    • On board Software: Proprietary VDPS Controller
    • RIP Software: Onyx or Caldera [current version]
    • Image F ormat: PDF, JPEG, TIF F, EPS, etc.
    • Electrical: 3-phase 480v 100a/ 1-Phase 220v 30a
    • Environment: 77°F - 87°F @ 60% Humidity

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    Vanguard VT2000 | FABRIC DYE SUB PRINTER

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    Image of VT2000 | FABRIC DYE SUB PRINTER

    The Vanguard Digital Printing Systems new VT2000 textile printer offers a lot of punch without the big footprint. With state-of-the-art printhead technology and a single load ink for both die sublimation and direct to fabric printing, downtime is a thing of the past.

    The latest Kyocera KJ4B aquas based printhead is the heartbeat of the VT2000. The KJ4B has a 2 channel design to support two water based inks at a time. The small 4, 8, 12 picoliter size ensures tight dot placement for a vivid printed output. The KJ4B is a true gray-scale printhead boasting a native 600 dpi with an impressive 2,656 nozzles.

    With only 2 printheads, the VT2000 is capable of 930 sq.ft./hr. in a 4 pass mode across it’s 80″ print width. With the ability to add 2 more printheads in the second row the VT2000 is capable of a 2 pass mode, to reach speeds of up to 2,300 sq.ft./hr.

    Along with its impressive technology, the VT2000 is a workhorse. It is built on a heavy duty sub-frame and uses the highest quality components in the marketplace to deliver hassle free performance. With a 4 liter bulk ink system, audible and visual ink level indicators, you can fill, set and forget the VT2000 as it prints job after job.

    Whether your application is for sports apparel, home furnishings, custom fabrics, signage or custom label products, the VT2000 delivers fast, reliable output at an industry leading price point!

  • VR5D 4’x8′ Flatbed UV LED Printer

    Image of VR5D 4'x8' Flatbed UV LED Printer

    The Vanguard Digital Printing Systems VR5D flatbed UV LED printer combines revolutionary technology, industry leading quality and outstanding speeds to satisfy the most demanding environment. With RICOH GEN 5 print heads with grey scale variable drop technology and a robust, industrial grade design, the VR5D delivers photorealistic images at blazing fast speeds. The VR5D was designed with your company growth in mind. The base model uses just 2 print heads and delivers exceptional speed and quality. As your company grows, additional print heads can be added to the same machine to drastically increase speed and productivity.

    • BandGUARD Virtually eliminate chromatic banding, allowing you to print at faster speeds and better quality.
    • CureGUARD Precisely adjustable LED curing technology allows you to print to more substrates with greater control.
    • TimeGUARD Increase productivity and reduce labor by accurately printing from front to back and back to front.
    • CrashGUARD Reduce time and waste with pinpoint accurate print resuming after a crash sensor has been reset.
    • PressureGUARD Provides stability within the color and white negative pressure system which increases the life cycle of critical components.
    • StaticGUARD Be proactive by reducing static charges on acrylics and other positively charged substrates.
    • ServiceGUARD Our national service team is ready when you need us. Just a phone call puts our group into action to listen, diagnose and get you back up and running.
    Download the VR5D Brochure
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  • VT 3200 Fabric Dye Sub Printer
  • Vanguard VK300D 5x10 Flatbed Printer
  • VR5D 4'x8' Flatbed UV LED Printer
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