Vanguard Wins 3 SGIA 2018 Product of the Year Awards! VK300D Awarded Best Flatbed Printer 3 Years in a Row.

  • EnRoute Software for Sign Making

    EnRoute Software is the leading CAD/CAM CNC software for CNC machines, woodworking and sign making. EnRoute provides a unique combination of 2D and 3D design and toolpath capabilities for CNC routers, lasers, plasma, and waterjet cutters. From cutting basic letters to decorative engraving, textured signs – even intricate 3D architectural signs, EnRoute makes every step in your process easier and faster.

    Image of SAi EnRoute

    Product Benefits

    • Realistic simulation reveals errors before you cut
    • Toolpaths associated with the geometry for fast and easy resizing
    • Save and recall toolpath strategies for fast set-up
    • Customizable material library reduces job set-up time
    • Advanced nesting for efficient use of materials
    • Remnant creation saves and reuses leftover sheets and reduces material waste



    • Complete Set of 2D CAD and Editing Tools
    • Graphic Design Tools (Vectorize, Point Cleanup, Distort)
    • Advanced Text Tools (supports One Line Fonts)
    • Current 2D Import Filters (DXF, DWG, AI, EPS)
    • Shape Wizards Including Boxter
    • Interlocking Component Creator
    • Rapid Texture and Rapid Picture
    • 3D Relief Creation and Editing
    • Textures (Parametric and Bitmap)
    • Symmetric Parametric Texture Panels
    • Vertical Relief Slicing
    • Relief Slicing with Auto Toolpath Mask
    • Mesh Unwrapping for Rotary Cutting
    • 2D Mesh Model Stacker


    • On Demand Right Click Training Movies
    • Save and reuse Toolpaths for fast workflow
    • Phone and Email Support, YouTube Movies
    • BackPlot Plugin for Output Verification
    • Hundreds of Machine Drivers (Posts)


    • True Shape Nesting (3 Nesting Engines)
    • Block Nesting with Common Line
    • Nest Around Obstructions
    • Create Remnants
    • Multi-Layer Nesting
    • Dynamic “Quick Fit” (Manual Nesting)
    • Auto Toolpath for DXF Files, Cabinet Programs
    • Auto Toolpath Lite for Active EnRoute Files


    • Advanced 2D Toolpathing and Drilling
    • 3D Engrave Carving, Pyramid Tool, 3D Clean Pass
    • Start Point Control, Bridge Editing, Toolpath Distort
    • 3D Relief Surface Cutting, Carve into Surface
    • 2D, Ortho and 3D Simulation with Realistic Material

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